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'Who am I?'

Executive Coach at Port Fuji Coaching

Hiroshi Ito MBA, PCC, CPC


All services are basically conducted by video conferencing system like Zoom.

【Clients’ Areas/industries】
Science & Technology, Research & Development, Pharmaceutical, IT,
Computer software, Education, Auditing, Insurance, Financial Services, etc.

A. Executive Coaching [For Executives]


Business Development, Team Building, Fostering the next generation, etc.

for Exectives

B. Personal Coaching [For Professionals]


Career planning, Personal Development, Time Management, etc.

for Professionals

C. Mentor Coaching [For Professional Coaches]


Mentor coaching for getting or renewing ACC

for Pro-coaches


I was fortunate to have had the chance to have Hiroshi Ito-san as my mentor coach. I can confidently say that I have improved a lot as a coach and gained valuable insights from his experience during the mentorship program.
Ito-san knows how to extract the best out of any client and always comes up with powerful questions that compel the client to think and find their own solutions.
I recommended any one looking for coaching or mentor coaching to reach out to Ito-san.

As a coach Hiroshi is very creative and supportive. His creativity flows from his flexibility in attacking situations. He has a gift of asking questions that will make me think in an in-depth and more organised thought pattern. He is very approachable and never intimidating. Hiroshi is very versatile as he can talk in non formal and very formal setting. I am forever grateful for Hiroshi’s help in making me reach my goal of finishing my Diploma in my field of work and Diploma in Theology while having a full time work at the same time.

Thanks to Hiroshi’s coaching, I was able to regularly organize my mind and discover my true feelings there. I was very grateful for the opportunity.

Hiroshi’s questions and feedback that captured the essence gave me new perspectives, deeper self-understanding, and behavioral changes.


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